Work + Life Black & White - Classic Vertical Professional Happy Planner - 12 Months

Selges til nedsatt pris grunnet at den er gått ut på dato - datomessig.
(Tips: plannere kan redateres, det vil si å endre datoer så man kan bruke de selv om original datoene er passert)

Classic Happy Planner med vertical layout. Starter 1. januar 2023 og varer i 12 måneder. Kommer med medium metall discer.

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kr 513.00 kr 684.00
LEVERINGSTID: 1-5 virkedager + postgang.
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• This 12-month planner includes 12 months of calendars and weekly spreads. The dividers feature neutral prints, inspirational quotes, and metallic foil accents. The sturdy soft touch hard covers protect these pages and the circle cutout metal discs will allow you to customize with accessories using the disc bound system.

• The Classic size has the perfect amount of space for writing, planning, and prioritizing projects. It comes with lots of room to write plans while having enough space to add decorative and productivity stickers.

• The vertical layout includes 3 daily boxed spaces that can be divided into morning, afternoon, and evening, or between work, school, and personal activities. Categorize it to fit your needs! This layout is also a favorite for sticker lovers. Use our collection of stickers to create spreads to boost your creativity and productivity!

• Use the storage folder to hold documents and add the included productivity stickers to enhance your planning routine!

• Dimensions: 7” x 9.25”

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