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Functionally Chic Stickerbook - Live Love Posh

Ya’ll I LOVE this book! The Functionally Chic Sticker book features 30 pages of functional and decorative stickers! This book was originally only available in our Functionally Chic Posh Box, but is now available on its own!!! 

  • 30 pages of black and white stickers
  • Both paper and transparent stickers
  • Dimensions: 6x10 inch
  • Designs painted and created by multiple artists!

INCLUDES the following designs printed on both transparent and paper stickers: months, currently words, celebration words, holidays, days of the week, dates, and to-do words.

  • Designs printed on paper stickers only: black headers with days of the week and everyday words, checklists, boxes, health/fitness pages, and two pages of florals.
  • Designs printed on transparent stickers only: floral letters, two pages of decorative lace and two pages of florals.

kr 299.00
LEVERINGSTID: 1-3 virkedager + postgang. Ved slipp 1-5 virkedager + postgang.
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