Feilvare - Believe in You - Classic Recovery Udatert Happy Planner

Feilvare - Selges til nedsatt pris grunnet ripete cover

Vakker planner med nydelige dividers. Denne udaterte Classic Happy Planneren har recovery layout og med udatert planner kan du starte opp når du måtte ønske, og du har en planner som varer i 12 måneder. 
Mange tror recovery layouten har å komme seg ut av avhengighet, men den er like mye en wellness planner blandet med en dashboard layout. 

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Make intentional moves with your planning and customize your year with our Undated Recovery planner! Track your moods each day, use the weekly check-ins to ask yourself important questions, set goals and keep a record of your progress by filling in the bubbles each day. Utilize the dashboard layout to get a side by side view of your priorities at at glance. 

• This planner comes with 12 unlabeled dividers a sticker sheet of months for personal customization and organization. Start your recovery process whenever you're ready at any time of the year!

• The Classic size is a classic for a reason. Our most popular planner size has the perfect amount of space for writing, planning, and prioritizing your recovery steps. Carry it on your commute to work to always have your plans on hand.

• The cover has a dark background with contrasting florals and says "Live Less Out of Habit and More Out Of Intent" with gold plastic discs. 

• At the beginning of each month, you'll have a space where you can set goals for the next thirty days, give yourself assignments on the dashboard to improve you and your relationships, chart your moods from day to day on the weekly spreads, and stay motivated!

• Dimensions 7" x 9.25" 

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